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Today’s happiness tip: Don’t worry – qi happy

I decided to also publish some English posts once in a while. One of the reasons is that English is the language of my heart. Since I’ve been a little girl, I always loved English and I still remember how excited I was, when I received a booklet with a special pen which pronounced words in English when pressed on pictures. Another reason for my decision to post in English is that I have some English-speaking friends and as inclusion is one of my core values, I wanted them to also be able to read some of my posts (although these days translation of whole pages is no longer an issue but I feel it’s not the same).

Today, I’d like to write about happiness and this leads me to recommend the action for happiness movement and in particular their monthly calendars with daily suggested actions to help you be more mindful and live in the present moment:

In the mindful March calendar, today’s tip is: “Get outside and notice five things that are beautiful”.

What I have noticed this morning:

  • Frogs in the pond

  • The sound of a woodpecker in the forest

  • The smell of the forest

  • Clouds passing by

  • Fresh air

What have you noticed outside today that you found beautiful?

Maybe if we focus more on the small beautiful things in our life, we can live more in the present moment and try to worry less about the future. The action for happiness website is packed with lots of other tips and inspirational information. They also list 10 keys to happier living based on the latest research on what makes people happy. One of the 10 keys is "giving" and my blog is one of the things with which I hope to give something meaningful to others and to inspire (a challenging goal) them with my words or sharing resources that have helped me.

Another key that they mention is exercising. I agree with that, as my Qigong practice is a source of happiness for me. Whenever I practice it for a while, my mind becomes calmer and I can actually enjoy the movements and just be in the moment without worrying about my “to do” list. Like the title of this post, don’t worry, qi happy. Everyone has a different source of happiness to boost their well-being. Why not share yours in the comments below?

Happy weekend everyone :-)

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