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A mindful cat

As mentioned previously, cats can be a great source of inspiration when it comes to mindfulness and wellbeing. Our cat almost never gets stressed (except during his fights with the neighbour’s cat). He loves sleeping and resting and the only thing that does excite him is when he is hungry or when he wants our attention.

He is my role model for being more relaxed. He knows all the great places one can have a snooze in and likes to try out each of them on a different day. Despite one would think that he is always asleep, his senses are always alert and he hears us coming home before we even have entered the driveway. He also wakes up immediately if he just hears a fork being taken out of the drawer as this could mean that food is on its way. He can also wait very patiently for hours for some mice to show up.

I think having fun and being able to laugh is a very important part of wellbeing. One source of great entertainment for cats lovers (and maybe even those who think they aren’t) are the Simon’s Cat films: Have fun and feel inspired to just relax once in a while. PS: I always have a feeling that our cat thinks he is Simon’s cat, they are so alike….

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